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  • 24 Jun 2023 8:27 PM | Anonymous


    本月 23 日新加坡机器人学会组团访问了印尼邦加一勿里洞大学,访问期间,校长 Ibrahim 教授热情接待了访问团成员,并安排主要院系的教授与访问团进行了学术交流。大家认为,在目前形势下,加强本区域之间的学术,科研交流,对应对国际产业链转移所提出的挑战,提升本区域的经济发展水平,改善本地人民的生活素质,都有积极的意义。双方还就目前的热门话题,如ChatGPT, AI,智慧机器人等进行了讨论。交流结束后,双方签署了合作备忘录。双方同意下一步就新加坡机器人学会帮助邦加一勿里 洞大学提升机器人教学质量,提高在印尼国内机器人竞赛中名次,对于未来就业热门的课程,以及合作建立产学研基地进行了讨论,並成熟一个,推动一个,签约一个。把合作推向深入。


    邦加一勿里洞大学是邦加一勿里洞省办大学,在校生 7000 多人,邦加-勿里洞大学坐落在省府邦加槟榔,风光秀丽。该大学有兴趣与新加坡和各国大学进行多形式,全方位的交流合 作。ChatGPT, AI, 机器人等教学方面的人才更是求贤如渴。有兴趣的会员可与本学会联系,帮助推荐。邦加一勿里洞大学的网址如下:

    Robotics Society of Singapore signed a memorandum of cooperation with Bangka Belitung University On the 23rd of June, 2023.

    The Robotics Society of Singapore has organized a delegation to visit Bangka Belitung University in Indonesia. During the visit, Professor Ibrahim, the president, warmly received the members of the delegation, and arranged academic exchanges between professors of major departments and the delegation. It is believed that under the current situation, strengthening academic and scientific exchanges between the regions is of positive significance in addressing the challenges posed by international industrial Chain transfer, improving the economic development level of the region, and improving the quality of life of local people. Both sides also discussed current hot topics such as ChatGPT, AI, smart robots, etc. After the exchange, both parties signed a memorandum of cooperation. The two sides agreed that the Singapore Robotics Society would help Bangka Belitung University improve the quality of robot teaching, improve its ranking in Indonesia's domestic robot competition, discuss the courses popular for future employment, and cooperate to establish industry, university and research bases, and mature one, promote one, and sign a contract with one. Pushing cooperation deeper.

    Introduction to Bangka Belitung University

    Bangka Belitung University is a provincial university in Bangka-Belitung, over 7000 students. Bangka Belitung University is located in the provincial capital of Bangka Penang. The university is interested in engaging in various forms and all-round exchanges and cooperation with universities in Singapore and other countries. Talents in teaching areas such as ChatGPT, AI, and robotics are even more eager for talent. Interested members can contact our society to help recommend.

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