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Robotics societyof singapore


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Fostering robust Human-Robots Collaboration toward a safer and better Future for Mankind.


To promote education, training, practical application, research and development in the field of robotics and automation in Singapore and South East Asia.


We believe that Robots with Ai, will help us surpassed our human limitations and bring about higher productivity and improved lifestyle. Robotics is a unique discipline, which bridges Mechatronics and Ai software engineering, offering a new horizon for Talented Minds to undertake new discoveries and inventions.


The decision to setup Robotics Society of Singapore (Chinese name as: 新加坡机器人学专业协会) was triggered by the invitation of Professor Tomomasa Kato - President of Robotics Society of Japan in 2010, to Prof. Xie Ming. Prof. Xie Ming has been invited to represent Singapore to participate to the annual meeting under the name of Asian Robotics Society Summit. With the help from James Lee and Xu Jin, the scope and vision for Robotics Society of Singapore was drafted. We position ourselves as a professional, and non profit organisation which aims at nurturing a network of like-minded individuals, organisations and institutions to advance the adoption and development of Robotics. The registration of RSS was approved by the Singapore government on 29 November, 2010 (UEN no.: T10SS0158F). Since its inception, RSS becomes a member of Pacific-Asian Robotics Society Union (PARSU) ( and represented Singapore in attending PARSU’s annual meetings on regular basis.


Board of Executive Committee Members:






Prof. Xie Ming

2 President (Executive) Prof. Tian Qi
3 President (Executive)  Mr. Xu Buhai 
4Vice President (Head of Singapore Office)Dr. Liu Jimin
5Vice President (Head of Malaysia Office) Mr. Chen Ruifu
6Vice President (Head of China Office)Mr. Guo Yue
7Vice President (Business Development)Dr. Wang Jinsong



Dr. Wee Teck Chew

9Vice Secretary-GeneralDr. Hao Jinxin 
10Vice Secretary-GeneralAlex Tan Kim Heng


Honorary Treasurer

Mr. James Lee


Assistant Treasurer

Mr. Melvin Ang


Committee Member (Industrial Robots)

Mr. Lee Yew Fai


Committee Member (Education Robots)

Mr. How Woei Mun


Committee Member (Artificial Intelligence)

Dr. Yin Xiaoming


Committee Member (Machine Learning)

Dr. Xu Jin


Committee Member (Mobile Robots)

Dr. Lu Jiangzhou


Committee Member (Service Robots)

Mr. Steven Chan

Board of Advisors:

Prof. Quek Tong Boon, Chief Executive of National Robotics Program, Singapore

BG Jimmy Khoo, Managing Director of SP District Cooling Ltd

Dr. Richard Kwok, Chief Technological Officer of ST Kinetics Ltd

Prof. Huang Wei, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Deputy-President/Professor of North-Western University

Board of Council Members:

Prof. Oussama Khatib, Stanford University

Prof. Giulio Sandini, Italian Institute of Technology

Prof. Atsuo Takanishi, Waseda University

Prof. Norihiro Hagita, ATR

Prof. Jun Ho Oh, KAIST

Prof. Jean-Guy Fontaine, CRIIF

Prof. Wang Danwei, NTU

Prof. Xie Lihua, NTU

Prof. Yu Haoyong, NUS

Prof. Marcelo Ang, NUS

Prof. Chew Cheemeng, NUS

Prof. Wang Han, NTU

Prof. Zhong Zaowei, NTU

Prof. Miao Jianmin, NTU

Prof. Lin Feng, NTU

Prof. Low Kinhuat, NTU

Prof. Chen I-Ming, NTU

Prof. Ang Weitech, NTU

Prof. Louis Phee, NTU

Dr. Fang Zhongping, A-Star

Dr. Chen Wenjie, A-Star

Dr. Huang Weimin, A-Star

Dr. Guo Dong, Huawei Co.

Dr. Wu Xiaowei, Local Industry

Dr. Zhou Changjiu, Singapore Poly

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